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SunSpa Tan-in-a-can:

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Bring the perfection of a professional airbrush tan to your home! SunSpa Tan-in-a-can is the first aerosol self-tanner that requires absolutely no blending or rubbing in at all. No blending means no mess or streaks and its instant colour gives an immediate bronzed effect. The ultra-fine spray is similar to that produced by an airbrush [...]

6 easy ways to put a spring in your step:

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Spring is here, but have you got get-up and go? Or are you collapsed on the couch with your energy at rock bottom? Here are some easy ways to perk yourself up and get that “get up and go”. Nurse a small coffee throughout the day: Compelling research from various institutions, finds that frequent low [...]

Spray Tans Vs Sun Beds:

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If you won’t get into a bathing suit until you have a decent tan, a SunSpa tan-in-a-can may be your best bet. Sun beds are no less damaging to your skin than is natural sunlight-and may even be worse. Although people tend to be less likely to burn in tanning beds because of the shortened [...]

Spring and Summer Beauty Tips:

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We believe here at SunSpa that feeling fresh and vibrant will make you feel good about yourself and make you glow…. See our beauty tips for the Spring/Summer season: Expiration Dates: Like groceries, fragrances and makeup only last so long — find out if it’s time to spring-clean your beauty bag. Eye Soothers: Say good-bye [...]

Winter Beauty Tips

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Winter isn’t kind to how we look but making small and subtle changes will help you look and feel your best in the colder seasons. Skin As the winds pick up and the heating goes on, it is likely that your skin will be exposed to dryness and chapping. Always make sure to exfoliate once [...]