Self Tanning


Our self spray tan aerosol’s have been described as the best self tanning products on the market. Not only do they give great streak free results but they are also ‘at home spray tans’, meaning you can use them anywhere, including from the comfort of your own home. We also offer a much more convenient sized Chic Tan-in-a-can product, a smaller version of the original Tan-in-a-Can. The handbag suitable size means you can now take your self tanning spray with you on the go, and still have the security and knowledge of it being there if you happened to need a top up.

For those more active spray on tan users, our Fitness Tan-in-a-Can will be the best self tan option for you. It has been specifically designed for strength, ease of use when out and about, and is larger in size for whole body spraying.

How to use Tan-in-a-Can

Here is a brief video produced by a SunSpa fan. It shows how easy it is to use a Tan-in-a-Can spray tan with a bit of practice.

Further information

Tan-in-a-Can contains an active ingrediate which reacts with the outer layers of your skin to develop a very natural looking tan.

After 20 minutes the tan is quite noticeable and continues to develop over the next few hours.

When you first spray on Tan-in-a-Can you immediately have a slight tan from the cosmetic guide colour contained in the can.