Spray Tans Vs Sun Beds:

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If you won’t get into a bathing suit until you have a decent tan, a SunSpa tan-in-a-can may be your best bet.

Sun beds are no less damaging to your skin than is natural sunlight-and may even be worse.

Although people tend to be less likely to burn in tanning beds because of the shortened exposure to light, the light is no less harmful.

Whether tanning beds are less likely to cause skin damage than the sun is immaterial, since there is now ample evidence that tanning beds do cause skin damage.

The truth is that, regardless of whether tanning in the sun or in a bed, the thing that darkens the skin is UV radiation, and UV radiation is known to cause damage. Tanning beds typically emit three times the UVA radiation that is encountered in natural sunlight.

It is true that a tan developed indoors can create a base tan that protects the skin out-of-doors, but the effect is rather slight, comparable to an SPF 4 sunscreen. And though indoor tanning can stimulate Vitamin D production, doctors say that a supplement is a safer choice.

UV light can also significantly age the skin, leading to discoloration, freckling, sun-spotting, dryness fine lines and even deep lines associated with squinting in the sun.

Those who want to participate in outdoor activities should

  • avoid midday sun
  • use hats and clothing to protect the skin whenever possible
  • wear sunscreen

Strict sun avoidance is neither necessary nor appropriate for 95 percent of the public, but intentional tanning should be discouraged.

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